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  • Gym For The Brain
  • Sarah Richey

Gym For The Brain

Gym For The Brain

 "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

You should be very excited to know that we live in a time where science and technology have proven that our brain can be reprogrammed thanks for its unique ability called neuroplasticity (re-modelling). 

In the old days there wasn't proof of the actual ability to change a mental pattern. Right now it's all possible thanks to effective techniques to rewire the neutrons to think in empowering ways. The human brain is like a muscle, if trained correctly it gets more efficient! This is such great news; if you are really committed to change you have no excuses anymore! 

Through repetition, visualization , meditation, hypnosis sounds and other techniques we are able to access areas of the subconscious that were left unexplored for years. 

Theta brain waves are connected to the subconscious mind. It is the place we hold our emotions, limiting beliefs, fears. We can access this twilight state through meditation or deep hypnosis. We withdraw from the physical world, yet we are susceptible to external influences. Learning occurs also in the Alpha state, where thoughts flow calm and in the present. 

Think for a moment the results you could obtain if you train yourself how to think! What will your life be like...? 

Through neuroplasticity, our brain creates new neuropaths every moment! The best example I can think of is a computer. It is like upgrading the operating system of an electronic device. With the new software it will be able to perform more efficiently and faster. It's as simple as that. The thoughts we put in, with little repetition become our reality. 

You may be averse of learning new things, yet with the proper methodology you can re-program the subconscious to associate learning with a pleasure experience. 

What a great way to get out of ignorance and dive deep to know ourselves better! There is so much to be discovered about our body, it is very fascinating. When spirituality meets science that is where the real magic is! 

  • Sarah Richey

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