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  • Gratitude
  • Sarah Richey


“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” Osho

Think about the importance of recognizing the richness you experience already in your life. In order to move into a new, more empowering direction you must see and feel that at some level you already have a fortunate life.

The majority of people live a “normal” life where working in a job they do not like, paying a mortgage and bills seems all there is. They do not see the beauty that is already in their life, they do not cherish little things as they are too busy doing stuff they do not care about. All that matters is a mad rush towards success, to work harder and harder in order to end the unwanted present. 

Unconsciously we have developed the inability to appreciate what is already in our life. Negative thinking produces likely results! 

The ability of recognizing little simple things is within us all, we just need to pay more attention! If we start living from that space we’ll realize that in the end our life is not a mess as we think it is.  

Gratitude is the first step you can take to make a change. It is the melting of grace and attitude. Live and act gracefully and you’ll see grace around you, simple as that! 

How did you wake up today? Smile on your face and happy for having a warm bed to sleep in, a house, food on the table…I know I didn't! All of this is not to be taken for granted! It should make you appreciate more and complain less! Begin to pay more attention more often. Scan your life, whatever you are doing, and opt for the positive side. 

There is no space for frustration and limitation. All there is and has always been is the power in yourself to step out of the mind-puzzle. Tap into the heart and see the true beauty. The secret lies in our ability to adapt, see and feel the good in any situation. 

I know for me when I don’t like something or its not going the way I hope. I have to tell myself another story, a new one where I decide to look at the goodness even if I don't like it. Because energy flows where attention goes. So, deliberately choose and commit yourself to see only what makes you feel good! Gratitude is a mindset! 

Living constantly from a place of gratitude is one of the most fulfilling feelings a human can experience! You are not lacking anything if you fully appreciate your position in life as it is right now! 

  • Sarah Richey

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  • Sep 11, 2016


    Wonderful words and great vibes. ??. Thank You for sharing.



    — Mauricio

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