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"Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down."- T. Bennett

This rare pink moon is going to take us on a trip of great duality and change, giving us the opportunity and foresight to really decide where we want to go from here. If we want to move through a little bit of anger or frustration, it may be a good time to honour and express this, while conversely, if we wish to bask in a more positive light, we may end up attracting new energies of replenishment along the way. This is a phase of balanced forces which are deeply contrasting yet equally expansive for growth and change on both ends of the spectrum. 

However you want to feel right now is exactly where you need to be, but don't forget to be mindful of the enhanced feelings of emotions that show up-they are communicating through you and want to be heard. This is positive! Maybe you are getting ready for something big!?

The lunar phase also marks a quiet time of introspection-right before a new vision for the future, when your gaze shifts beyond the horizon you once imagined. Now you are seeing just a little bit further, past the scope of the day-to-day routines, responsibilities, and everything in between that may keep you distracted from your higher calling. Your bliss. 

Something is stirring within each of us and we are beginning to show up to do the work. Practice gratitude for the new beginnings/growth coming into your life. Spring has sprung! 




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Instant Dandelion Latte

Instant Dandelion Latte


The health benefits of dandelion tea are numerous. Dandelion root is a fantastic liver cleanser. When ground and roasted it makes a wonderful coffee replacement. I first introduced Dandelion Root Coffee as a substitute for traditional coffee about a week ago and absolutely love it!

Usually, I make my dandelion coffee from scratch. If you’re wondering how to make dandelion coffee, it’s easy. I purchase dandelion root online, roast it in the oven, and then grind it in a coffee grinder or vitamix and steep it with ground chicory root to make a wonderful coffee substitute.

You can also buy the mix at your local health organic food store. Its called Dandy Blend (Instant herbal beverage with Dandelion). 

Here is my "cup of joe" recipe; 

2 tablespoon of "Dandy Blend"
1 cups of coconut milk
1 tablespoon ghee
1 pitted dates
fresh nutmeg (nut or powder)

Blend it! You can drink it cold or hot! Enjoy!


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Moon In Leo

Moon In Leo


Tonight is the lunar eclipse, Snow Moon and New Year comet (That won't be seen again until 2022) It is time to let go of the things that no longer serve you. An opportunity to let go of the aspects of yourself that you've outgrown. This is the time to facilitate inwards and make a spiritual change.

As a highly sensitive empath, I am finding the energy quite intense. A lot of "stuff" coming up, a lot of physical symptoms that tell me my body is detoxing some harsh energies. I've been finding a lot of comfort in journaling my thoughts lately. Here's a few things I intend to release. The things that no longer serve me, I am ready to release and make room for new opportunities and change!


  • Fear of change 
  • Searching externally for answers
  • Resisting Divine Will
  • Future tripping 
  • Worrying about money 
  • Clinging to things
  • The need for approval
  • Old beliefs that no longer serve me 

4 ways to "Let Go" During The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

1. Don’t ignore the “signs.”
In the light of the full moon eclipse, the veil between the spirit world and the living is thinner than ever. In the next couple days, boundaries can be blurred. You may experience coincidences, deja vu, vividly symbolic dreams, or strange “signs” like repeating numbers on the clock. There’s a message there, so follow the clues. 

2. Practice compassion and non-judgment.
Compassion is a huge and it’s one of the most healing forces on the planet. We can only experience compassion when we catch ourselves judging other people, and instead, try to step into their shoes. Easier said than done? Oh yeah. But judgments keep us divided, which leads to a deep sense of existential loneliness. That awakens compulsive, controlling behaviors, the ones that send us spiraling into unhappiness, addiction and manipulation. Who have you been judging in your life? Do an experiment, and try to view this person through a lens of compassion. What do you see? Where are they struggling? If you’ve been un-compassionate toward yourself, where could you be kinder?

3. Try free-writing or journaling.
This may seem like 101 advice, but it’s pretty amazing how quickly your inner voice can reach you when you just put pen to paper and let the s**t flow out. Dust off your diary or buy yourself a beautiful new one to rewire that pipeline to your soul.

4. Release suffering through forgiveness.
Forgiveness means release. Releasing judgments, grudges, pain and codependence. Releasing responsibility for fixing something that can’t be fixed, for changing what’s already happened. Forgiveness means radical acceptance of what IS. From there, we can ask: what can I do right now that would make a difference? Suffering comes from a refusal to accept a situation as it is. It’s different from grieving—when we suffer, we give up our power. We stay stuck in the past, helpless and victimized. When we grieve, we acknowledge our emotions, but we still stay empowered, present and able to act. What could YOU do today that would get you un-stuck from suffering?


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By Fused · On February 7, 2017

SARAH RICHEY JEWELRY is the New York jewellery label to know. Established in 2010, artist-come-designer, Richey produces jewellery that is universally loved, including by the likes of Taylor Swift, Faith Hill and Kelly Clarkson.

Known for her beautiful designs, she combines the refined with the natural, to produce enviable statement pieces. Using the finest materials including, crystals, fossils and precious gemstones, Richey hand makes pieces that are set to become treasured heirlooms.

What is your first memory of jewellery?
My first memory of jewelry was when I was 6 years old, playing dress up in my moms closet. I’d pick up all of her big chunky cocktail rings and put them on each finger. I was mesmerized by them! My inner goddess was definitely coming out then.

Tell us about your brand (how when why it started)…
I have always loved art since I was a child. I studied some art history in college and dabbled in painting and ceramics. My calling for jewelry design came when I worked as an intern for a jewelry designer in Nashville, TN. At night after working for her during the day, she let me create anything my heart desired in her studio. During that time I was able to tap into my own artistic side. I started working with lost-wax, metal, solder tools and was hooked! I loved the idea of being able to sculpt anything I wanted. After working with her and some money saved up, I decided to take the move to NYC and start my own jewelry business. That’s when the real learning began and it was the best decision I made!

Sum up your design aesthetic…
I keep my creative fire going by practicing Kundalini yoga and traveling to unique places around the world. As an artist, I most relate to the movement of expressionism. I seek to express an emotional experience through symbolism that is felt in a spiritual way. I meditate before creating my designs and allow myself to be used as a creative vessel. My inspiration comes from nature and the mystery behind the veil of life. This is a feeling I try to capture with my designs. I love to make jewelry that carries an energy of inner-strength and contains the power from the design or the stones I set into them. I deeply believe in the power of intention and how its vibration can be felt and affect the world. My plan is to spread the message of light in everything I do.

Which are your favorite materials to work with and why?
I love to work with lost wax. This technique allows me to sculpt each piece, giving it many unique attributes unlike the average piece of store-bought jewelry.

Do you have a favourite piece?
Each piece has its own story it to. The one piece I find I wear the most is my 18k yellow gold snake ring and the eagle vesica Pisces ring. They symbolize balance and courage. I also love how they both look like you just found em in a rustic old treasure chest from a pirate ship.

Who is your customer?
I feel women who wear my jewelry have a strong sense of self and portray that in their style. A woman who has a penchant for art, travel and the spirit of life. People that are drawn to my line are lovers and collectors of jewelry, who connect emotionally to the pieces they buy.

What has been your career highlight to date?
Traveling and living in Bali last year. I collaborated with other artists on a few projects I was working on over there and allowed myself to dive deeper into my craft.

Is there anyone you’d absolutely love to dress?
Daphne Guinness and Michèle Lamy.

To check out the full spread go to....

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Once you've selected the perfect Valentine for your perfect Valentine, allow us to inform you, briefly, of the history of the holiday--and a few global Valentine's Day traditions.

Did you know that there were at least three different saints--each a martyr--who assumed the name Valentine? There are several narrative theories that depict the origins of the holiday. The most popular is that when, during the third century, Emperor Claudius II set laws in place that prohibited young Roman men from getting married, St. Valentine would perform secret marriages. Other theories suggest that the first Valentine was written, by a saint, from his prison cell.

Valentine's Day--in some form, has been and celebrated since the Middle Ages, though the first written Valentines date back to some time after the year 1400.
In Denmark, couples exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops and “lover’s cards,” which were transparent cards. The Welsh present their loved ones with "Love Spoons", or intricately hand-carved wooden spoons-- a tradition that dates back to the 17th century. Different patterns and symbols were carved into these love spoons. Horseshoes symbolize good luck; wheels symbolize support; and keys symbolize the keys to a heart. In South Africa, it's customary to "wear hearts on sleeves"--taken from a Roman tradition called Lupercalia--on February 14th. Women pin the names of their love interest on their sleeves, and men will occasionally reveal their secret admirations in the same manner. In Australia, Valentines were once comprised of satin cushions that were perfumed and decorated with flowers and colored shells. They were ornate and expensive, stored in decorated boxes. In France, cartes d'amities, which were scrolled with handwritten words of affection, were exchanged. In Taiwan, bouquets of roses and other flowers are given. The color and number of the roses holds much significance: one red rose means "an only love,"ninety-nine roses means "forever," and one hundred eight roses means "marry me."

Each of these ideas is steeped in tradition--and many of us have our own--but Valentine's Day is, unarguably, an excellent time to tell the one you love that you love them.

Do so with a piece of Sarah Richey Jewelry!

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How we are like the redwood trees...

How we are like the redwood trees...

Recently I read an article on redwood trees and found a lot of parallels we can draw from them that relate to building powerful teams! 

"Redwoods reach their incredible height because they grow very close to each other. Redwoods are always surrounded by other redwoods! Because the 100 plus inches of annual rainfall leaves the soil with few nutrients, the trees rely on each other for their vital nutrients. Redwoods also need fire to survive. The bark on the redwoods is very thick – up to twelve inches and contains tannins, chemical that resist burning. As fire sweeps through a redwood forest, it burns other plants and debris, enriching the soil. This provides nutrients for the redwood seeds that by the way, are the size of a tomato seed. Baby redwoods actually sprout from the roots of the parent tree. This is a very common sight in a redwood forest. The baby tree gets its nutrients from the parent tree until it’s root system has spread and intertwined with the root systems of the trees surrounding it. The redwoods’ ability to out-compete other trees through rapid growth has been a key to their survival. Redwoods literally race for the sun – growing up to two feet a year in order the get the light they need to survive. The root systems of redwoods are very shallow. The roots grow no deeper than about ten feet and yet they support a tree that is the height of a football field. It seems impossible but in reality, the roots of the redwood tree graft and interlock with the systems of the trees surrounding it, creating a vast interlocking root platform. This prevents the toppling of even the tallest and most massive trees when soil layers become fully saturated and soggy during prolonged flooding."

What I got from all that information was just how much we must hold onto, support and nurture each other. It is easier to build your business fast than to build it slow. Race for the sun and that challenge is a good thing! The fire helps us discover who we really are. The key to a powerful team is a powerful interlocking system of like minded team players that uplift each other.

Its so beautiful to see the amazing metaphors that nature has for us in our lives. 

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Gym For The Brain

Gym For The Brain

 "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

You should be very excited to know that we live in a time where science and technology have proven that our brain can be reprogrammed thanks for its unique ability called neuroplasticity (re-modelling). 

In the old days there wasn't proof of the actual ability to change a mental pattern. Right now it's all possible thanks to effective techniques to rewire the neutrons to think in empowering ways. The human brain is like a muscle, if trained correctly it gets more efficient! This is such great news; if you are really committed to change you have no excuses anymore! 

Through repetition, visualization , meditation, hypnosis sounds and other techniques we are able to access areas of the subconscious that were left unexplored for years. 

Theta brain waves are connected to the subconscious mind. It is the place we hold our emotions, limiting beliefs, fears. We can access this twilight state through meditation or deep hypnosis. We withdraw from the physical world, yet we are susceptible to external influences. Learning occurs also in the Alpha state, where thoughts flow calm and in the present. 

Think for a moment the results you could obtain if you train yourself how to think! What will your life be like...? 

Through neuroplasticity, our brain creates new neuropaths every moment! The best example I can think of is a computer. It is like upgrading the operating system of an electronic device. With the new software it will be able to perform more efficiently and faster. It's as simple as that. The thoughts we put in, with little repetition become our reality. 

You may be averse of learning new things, yet with the proper methodology you can re-program the subconscious to associate learning with a pleasure experience. 

What a great way to get out of ignorance and dive deep to know ourselves better! There is so much to be discovered about our body, it is very fascinating. When spirituality meets science that is where the real magic is! 

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Radical Shifts

Radical Shifts

Mantra is a sound current, it is the sound of creation, and the underlying vibration of everything in manifest form. In simple terms it is a word, phrase, syllable for sound that is recited, sung or silently repeated in the mind. Every mantra carries it's own rhythm and sound vibration and so each mantra creates it's own particular effect. 

The science behind mantra is known as Naad. I first learned of the power of mantra when I found Kundalini Yoga. Since then, it has been an integral part of my life, inspiring my yoga teaching practice as well as my jewelry line. 

“What is a mantra? Mantra is two words: “Man” and “tra.” “Man” means mind. “Tra” means the heat of life. “Ra” means sun. So, mantra is a powerful combination of words which, if recited, takes the vibratory effect of each of your molecules into the Infinity of the Cosmos. That is called “Mantra.” -Yogi Bhajan

Chanting mantras causes the tongue to move in a particular way across the roof of the mouth, stimulating the 84 meridian points that are found there. This, in turn, stimulates the pineal-pituitary-hypothalamus which causes the glands to secrete producing feeling of relaxation, heightened awareness and peace.

The practice of mantra also creates a particular rhythm of breath in the body, this breath pattern changes the flow of prana and apana (ascending and descending energy) balances the blood oxygen ratios. This relaxes and resets the nervous system and creates a pranic force of vitality and radiance around you.

Mantra has a unique ability to tap into the subconscious mind. Just think for a minute about the "old tapes" that play in your subconscious 24/7. For most of us, those old tapes contain some very negative and limiting beliefs. These subconscious patterns are exactly why it is so hard to create change in life. Even if we take the outward steps, without changing the old tapes, we don't get very far.

In Kundalini Yoga we use the Bij mantra, or seed mantra, Sat Nam with every breath. Sat Nam means "truth is my identity" - or "my identity is truth" . When repeated, not only do we stimulate the glands of the brain that makes us feel good, reduce stress, strengthen the nervous system and oxygenate our blood, but we also plant this seed, Sat Nam, into our subconscious. As our practice continues, this becomes the new pattern from which we create our life. By resetting the limiting patterns of the subconscious to new, consciously chosen and elevating patterns of the mantra, you begin to experience radical shifts.

Mudras~ positions directed by the beauty of the fingers, to help focus the mind in meditation & intention. Below is a mudra that accompanies the SA TA NA MA Mantra

Sa Ta Na Ma

This mantra is called the Primal Sound Mantra, because it consists of the five primal sounds: S,T,N,M, and ah. The literal meaning is as follows: Sa means birth (or infinity); Ta means life; Na means death; and Ma means rebirth. Thus, the mantra describes the eternal circle of life: birth, life, death, rebirth.

Sa: evokes a sense of emotion and expansiveness
Ta: creates a feeling of transformation and strength
Na: stimulates a sense of universal love
Ma: evokes the quality of communicativeness

Panj means five, and expresses the five primal sounds of the Universe. (SSS. MMM. TTT. NNN and AAA.) It is the atomic or Naad form of the mantra Sat Naam. It is used to increase intuition, balance the hemispheres of the brain and to create a destiny for someone when there was none. This mantra describes the continuous cycle of life and creation.

This mantra is a great catalyst for change.

A powerful way to use this mantra is to chant it for two minutes in your normal voice, the voice of action, the physical voice. Then whisper it for two minutes, the voice of the lover, the mind voice.
For the next three minutes, chant silently, in the divine language, your spirit voice. Then reverse the order, for a total of eleven minutes of chanting. This is called the L-form meditation. With each syllable you chant, visualize that energy is flowing in through the top of your head and out your third-eye point. The eyes are closed.

Ending: Inhale completely, then exhale all the air. Stretch your hands up as far as possible and spread them wide. Stretch your spine up and take several deep breaths.
Comments: Practicing this meditation brings a total mental balance to the individual's mind.
Other positive effects are increased concentration, enhanced creativity and greater intuition.

Much Light to You. Sing in Love. Sat Nam

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Stones, Crystals, Minerals OH MY!

Stones, crystals, and minerals have been used around the world and throughout the ages for their energetic properties. When I sell my jewelry with gems in it, I usually get asked by people new to crystals which one’s I would recommend for them. In my own experience, choosing a crystal is all intuition – you may not actually FEEL energy buzzing from the top of an amethyst, but our bodies pick up the subtle vibrations these stones put off. The vibrations are produced by the geometric molecular structure of each crystal, and there are now even scientific studies dedicated to measuring these frequencies.

People are generally naturally drawn to certain stones, though they may not know why, and often times when the right one is in your hand, you know. Often, when someone has chosen a stone and I then describe it’s properties, it fits perfectly. 

Meditating with stones is incredibly powerful – set the stone next to you, or even better, lay down and place the stone on your body as you meditate. It’s worth noting that some people are much more sensitive to a stone’s energy, and it’s important before you meditate with one to know it’s properties well.

One of my ultimate favorite is the family of quartz. Quartz in it’s many forms is a gem that packs an energetic punch that matches it’s amazing look. Clear quartz is an energy cleanser and amplifier, and Smoky Quartz targets negative energy specifically. Lithium quartz has a calming energy (much like the element it contains and is named after), as does it’s cousin Amethyst. 

Have fun feeling stones for yourself, and be surprised at what you choose!

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If you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish, ulterior motives; be kind anyways. If you are successful you will win some false friends and true enemies; succeed anyways. If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; be honest and frank anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; be happy anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow, do good anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was never between  you and them anyway.-
Mother Teresa 

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